Academic Credit for an Internship

If a student meets the eligibility requirements for participation in an internship program, the student may earn credit toward their degree plan for the educational experience in the internship.  For Agricultural Economics majors, AGEC 484 credit can be used to fulfill the technical ag electives, directed AGEC electives, directed non-AGEC electives, or general elective hours in the student’s degree plan.   For Agribusiness majors, AGEC 484 credit can be used to fulfill the technical ag elective, or general elective requirements in the student’s degree plan.  You will need to work with an academic advisor to determine exactly how your internship credit will fit into your degree plan. Information regarding the grading of internship coursework may be found by clicking the “Grading” link below.

A maximum combination of 18 hours of 285, 484, 485 and/or 491 courses can be allowed in a student’s academic program.  Therefore, it is possible for a student to have more than one internship experience for credit during their career at TAMU.  The credit MUST not exceed the aforementioned 18-hour rule.

After a student has been accepted (hired) for an internship, they will need to fill out the industry internship credit form as well as appendix A in the Industry Internship Manual.  This includes providing your intern title, major responsibilities, and the learning objectives you create for yourself. At this time you will need to make an appointment to visit with Dr. Litzenberg to review your internship plan. After obtaining Dr. Litzenberg’s approval and signature on appendix A, arrange to have your internship supervisor (your boss at the internship site) sign appendix B (the supervisor form). Turn in the completed materials into the Undergraduate Office in 214 AGLS.