Who Can Participate

All AGEC, AGBL, and AGBU students are encouraged to participate in an internship program; however, to receive academic credit for an Industry Internship you must meet the following prerequisite and GPR requirements:

  • Completed at least 30 hours, with a minimum of 12 hours in residency at TAMU
  • Completed the following courses: AGEC 105; either ECON 202 or 203; AGEC 217; and ACCT 209 or 229 (or their equivalents)
  • Students who have completed between 30-59 hours must have a minimum GPR of  2.75 (overall, in major, and in CBK classes, if applicable)
  • Students who have completed more than 60 hours must have a minimum GPR of  2.50 (overall, in major, and in CBK classes if applicable)
  • Approval of the Faculty Internship Director, Dr. Kerry K. Litzenberg, and the Assistant Department Head of Undergraduate Programs.