ANRP Internships

The ANRP Congressional Internship is administered at the college-level. Selection of interns is on a competitive basis, and all undergraduate students are eligible to apply.  To learn more about the ANRP Internship program, the application process, and the deadlines for applying, please visit the following website: Once you have been selected for the ANRP Internship Program,
if you wish to receive academic credit, visit the Undergraduate Office in AGLS 214 to complete the required paperwork.

To receive academic credit for the ANRP Internship you must meet the following prerequisite and GPR requirements:

  • Successfully completed AGEC 105 or 3 hours economics
  • Minimum 2.25 GPR – overall, in major, and in CBK classes (if applicable)
  • Junior or Senior classification
  • Receive approval of department head and faculty director