Courtney Hodges

Courtney is an Agri Business major. She interned with Ecom Group in the summer of 2011. Ecom was formed in Barcelona and today the company has a presence in 31 different countries. She worked on using the USDA data and converting it into a more useful form. The second project she worked on included validating the effectiveness of data collecting system. Courtney stated that she enjoyed the Controller Analysis Project as it will prove to be beneficial for the organization for a long term in future. The analysis included rigorous labour but once a prototype was formed, courtney was able to find the differences. The last project she worked on was the documentation of sales related procedures.

Courses that helped

  • AGEC 314-448
  • AGEC 314 -340
  • AGEC 217

Internship experience thumbnail Courtney Hodges

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Video Internship Report Courtney Hodges, Summer 2011

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