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Undergraduate AGEC, AGBL and AGBU students have the opportunity to participate in two internship programs: the Agricultural and Natural Resources Program (ANRP) Congressional Internship and the Industry Internship Program.  Both programs allow students to receive up to 6 hours of academic credit and are offered during the fall, spring, and 10-week summer semesters.

Industry internships provide opportunities for students in the Department of Agricultural Economics to gain work experience related to their academic area of study while earning academic credit at Texas A&M University. Students are typically paid during their internship and some companies even provide housing.

Students receive academic credit, explore career options, and gain valuable work experience and professional career skills as part of the internship. An industry internship is a work-based learning experience intended to complement the classroom learning outcomes of students.

Internships offer opportunities to sharpen your computer, communication, and problem-solving skills, and develop interpersonal relationships and build a professional network in which you plan your career.

This website contains information about students who have completed internships in the Department of Agricultural Economics.